Playing songs

Playing songs is controlled by tool buttons in upper panel.

  • Edit - allows change song name and author
  • Begin - rewinds playback position to begin
  • Play - starts/resumes playback
  • Pause - pauses playback
  • Prev note - rewinds playback position to previous note
  • Next note - rewinds playback position to next note
  • Delete - deletes current song
  • Export - exports current song into MIDI file (you could export only your songs)
  • Sharing - allows to specify share mode of current song
    • local - Saved only on local computer
    • private - Saved on pianohub cloud, but accessible only for you
    • link - Saved on pianohub cloud, accessible for anyone with the link
    • public - Saved on pianohub cloud, visible and searchable for all visitors
    You could create unlimited number of songs with "local" share mode, number of songs with other share mode is limited, according to your license.
  • Add bookmark - allows adding bookmark - memoized position in song with quick access. Bookmark are also used in editor, when deleting range or inserting range from other song. If song editor is active, bookmark is saved after clicking "Save" button. Without editor. bookmark is saved imediately.
  • Arrange - shows piano roll editor, which allows you to edit your recordings
  • Settings - modify playback settings, eg. playback speed.

Editing songs

Song editor is shown by clicking Arrange button. You could delete bad notes, insert new notes, drag & drop notes in piano range (change pitch and timing), delete song segments and insert segments from other songs.

  • Save - saves changes to local storage. If Sharing mode is not local, song is also saved to server
  • Cancel - modifications are discarded
  • Delete - deletes selected note (select note by clicking into piano roll)
  • Add - allows adding new notes. Added note will have the same length as currently selected note.
  • Remove range - deletes range of song. Requires minimal one bookmark to be defined. Typically you could delete range between two bookmarks.
  • Insert - inserts range from other song. Or whole song.
  • Undo - undo last editor change
  • Redo - redo last editor change