PianoHub is excellent musical application for pianists


  • Browse public songs, use piano-tutorial player, and learn, how to play new songs
  • Record music using your piano (over MIDI), or with keyboard, mouse or your fingers (on mobile devices)
  • Show and print sheet music generated from your recordings or MIDI files
  • Use build-in editor for improving and tuning your recordings
  • Save music on cloud storage and share it with others

PianoHub goals

  • Serve as online cloud application, able to record, modify and replay piano music as piano rolls
  • Should work also without cloud storage, with local browser memory
  • Always offer free version without space limitation, when working with songs saved locally in browser
  • Ability to export recorded and modified recordings as MIDI files without any license
  • Offer PRO version with more advanced functionality (PianoHub uses professional reliable and scalable cloud platforms)
  • Protect author's rights of piano arrangement creators. That's why you cannot download MIDI file for public songs, only for songs recorded or uploaded by you

About author

My name is Jan Prochazka, I live in Czech Republic. My specialization was realtime telematic software, backend computation services. Now I work mainly with JavaScript and modern techology stack around it. I am also author of opensource database manager DbGate.
In past, I also created musical tools for creating songbooks (called "Zpevnikator"), and note sheet editor ("NotoEditor").


I play piano, but I am not good in reading notes. So I wanted to record my reportoir, which I have hard time to learn from note sheets, or created from youtube piano tutorials (I use these tutorials as inspiration, not as exact source). I tried several tools for this purpose, but I wasn't satisfied with them. So I created PianoHub.


Any feedback is welcome, please create issue on GitHub. Or you can use GitHub discussion